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No Win – No Fee Instruction 

Assured Capital Group will be assisting you with your application for the annulment of your bankruptcy order. During the annulment process, you can expect us to assist you by:

Meeting you and ongoing updates in respect of your bankruptcy order and annulment application

Obtaining a full case background and all correspondences being reviewed

Carrying out Anti-Money Laundering, Identification, HM Land Registry and Companies House checks

Obtaining desktop valuations of your assets in order to determine the market value

Reviewing your annulment application that you will provide to the Official receiver and court

Preparing you for your interview with the Official Receiver and completion of the green PIQ booklet

Ensuring you comply with the Official Receiver as required, and to provide information as requested
Requesting BANK2 letters from the Official Receiver allowing usage of any frozen bank accounts

Obtaining settlement sums from the petitioning creditor of the bankruptcy debts and costs claimed

Ensuring unsecured creditors claiming in your bankruptcy do not already hold security on your assets.

Obtaining settlement sums from unsecured creditors who are required to be paid in your bankruptcy

Corresponding with the Official Receiver in respect of the costs of the administration of your bankruptcy

Requesting redemptions from secured creditors to ensure your statement of affairs is accurate
Obtaining settlement sums of unsecured creditors owed money due to county court judgements

Corresponding with HM Revenue and Customs and/or your accountant regarding claimed liabilities

Obtaining letters of satisfaction from creditors that have been paid either prior or during your bankruptcy

Providing calculations of statutory interest at the prevailing rate that would become payable to your creditors

Assisting you with your options in respect of your third party paying your bankruptcy debts and costs

Ensuring the Official Receiver is aware on how your instructed solicitors intend to pay your creditors
Assisting you at the annulment hearing which you will have your own instructed counsel represent you

Obtaining a copy of the sealed order as soon as reasonably practical upon the annulment being ordered

Submitting K11 forms at HM Land Registry removing entries relating to pending action and writ of orders

Requesting that the order of annulment is advertised in the same manner the bankruptcy order was

Assisting you in notifying credit reference agencies in respect of your bankruptcy annulment

The fees due to Assured Capital Group only become payable upon the pronouncement of your bankruptcy order being annulled. You can find a detailed breakdown of our fee structure in our terms of engagement. Should you not fully understand our fee structure you should ask us to explain it to you or you should obtain legal advice. Assured Capital Group are not a firm of solicitors, barristers or any form of regulated entity, and any statement in respect of of legal representation is based on you instructing the authorised regulated firm/individual.